Business area

Ž Purchase Order management Plant construction

Ž Purchase Order management serial production

Ž After sales service

Ž Accounting determination in product costing

Ž Sales order management

Ž Configuration of sales orders

Ž Master data configuration of sales orders

Ž Sales Order management in the points of incoming orders, revision and handling of orders, Production planning, creating of delivery, shipping completion, creation of invoices and statistical analysis

Ž Standardize business process in logistics process for multinational company

Ž Controlling actual, planning and obligatory data from order

Ž booking on credit

Ž Customer Service (SS techn.places, Equipment)

Ž Business Warehouse

Ž Finance travelbooking on basis of a credit

Ž Prizing

Ž Hotline Support EH&SHazadous goods

Ž Handling serialized materials and assets with UID (MM-PUR, SD, CS, PM)

commercial use in industrie

Production planing und -controlling in Industrial plants

· Permanent Inventory

· Material requirement planning

· Administration of bill of material

· Administration of work planing

· Administration Overhaul power station

· Master data for Order configuration

· Systematic of Variants

· Persecution of date for technical approval procedure.

· System for administration of technical documentation

· Shipping controlling and planning

· Standardize of business process sales distribution, production planning and controlling, completion of delivery and shipping, completion of return, creation of invoice and analyse of statistical in multinational company.

· Optimising Order requirement

· Order check

· Inventory check

· Stock valuation

· Warehouse logistic connecting via MDE to SAP

· Handling serialized materials and assets with IUID (PP, PM, CS, HUM, MM, EAM, IBase, AII)